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White Phosphorus and Depleted Uranium are many centuries old

Or at least the uses to which the ideas of WP and DU are put in the public media, are.

It's blood libel brought into the 21st century, and directed against Israel (of course).


22:07:13 on 01/19/09 by Victor - Jewish -

AIPAC and its power

Much ink has been spilled over how supposedly inordinate and disproportionate AIPAC's influence is, most recently by the much-debunked smearmeisters Mearsheimer & Walt. However, a very important point about AIPAC's real nature has been largely ignored.

AIPAC is largely a de-facto right-wing front group. They are fronting for the right-wing evangelical 'zionists', and this is whence, IMO, their power and influence springs.


11:02:11 on 10/07/08 by Victor - Jewish -

When Zionism will become unnecessary

I dream of that time myself -- the time when anti-semitism will be no longer a factor, and Zionism and Israel will no longer be indispensable tools for protecting the jewish people. However, in the real world, I often see the calls for integration instead -- the supposition that we just have to be nice to each other, and everything will be fine.


09:22:10 on 04/04/08 by Victor - Jewish -

Modern Israel's geopolitical policies as a function of diaspora

I was pointed by a good friend to absolutely brilliant article on the politics of the Jewish diaspora, and the unique consequences of those politics on Israel's policies today. The article is very long, so I will try to summarize it, though I strongly recommend reading the whole thing instead.


12:57:35 on 09/25/07 by Victor - Jewish -

Denying Israel's right to exist is anti-semitic, not just anti-zionist

Even though many anti-semites oppose Israel's existence while claiming that this is merely anti-zionism, the facts do not bear this one out.


09:08:30 on 05/07/07 by Victor - Jewish -

Israel, the home of my heart

I thought I would share with you a bit about what it means to be a Jew, and what Israel means to me.


09:49:04 on 12/27/06 by Victor - Jewish -
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